C&S Tile News Archives

  • Prexious Series

    Marble, the pinnacle of elegance, has been re-interpreted in our new unglazed porcelain tile called, ‘Prexious’. Particular types of marble can be unviable if cut too thin for natural stone tile. Prexious mimics the look of that rare and highly-sought

  • Luxury Home

    This beautiful home in North Vancouver was built by Page West Developments Ltd and Noort Homes. It defines luxury living yet has all the personal touches to make it welcoming and homey. Installation by Exclusive Floors. Tiles supplied: Downtown Flagstone

  • Pelle Series

    3D digital printing replicates the texture and appearance of leather in our new porcelain tile, Pelle. In colours of anthracite and grey, in 18×36, C&S Tile gives you a tile that brings warmth and soul. Leather, used through the ages,