C&S Tile News Archives

  • Fabrica Series

    Smooth, subtle and soft in appearance, Fabrica is the latest glazed porcelain tile here at C&S Tile. Dark to light shades range from Tortoro, Piombo, Accacaio to Avorio. Available in 12”x24’ and 24”x24” to suit any space. Fabrica will create

  • Tattoo 7.0 Series

    Tattoo 7.0 is the latest tile to make an impression here at C&S Tile. Oxidum, black, and white, the colours of weathered and corroded steel, give this unglazed porcelain a distinctive patina. Stocked in 18″x36″ and only 7mm thick, Tattoo

  • Alchemy 7.0 Series

    Edgy and distressed-looking, Alchemy 7.0 is the name for our new 12×24 glazed porcelain tile. Colours of black, blue, and white with a matte finish mimic oxidized steel, battered and worn denim, and lime-washed concrete. Lightweight – only 7mm in