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  • Lavagna Series

    Elegant. Austere. And, the unmistakable texture of slate. Lavagna is the new unglazed porcelain floor tile at C&S. Foliated and fine-grained, Lavagna has the look of sedimentary rock. We offer two colours in 12×24: white — striking a balance of

  • Agemstone Series

    With the look of a rare and highly desirable marble, Agemstone is our latest glazed porcelain floor tile. Smooth and lustrous veining bring to mind molten velvet – captured in tile form. Available in four colours: mink, taupe, silver, and

  • Syncro Series

    Contemporary style with sophistication and emphasis, C & S brings you our latest unglazed porcelain floor tile, “Syncro”. Given its supple appearance, Syncro is able to harmonize with the architecture of any space. We provide 5 colours in 24×24 soft,