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  • Gatsby Series

    Gatsby’s style comes from Victorian-era tin ceiling tile, which gets reborn as charmingly-glazed wall tile here at C&S Tile. These 8×8 tiles are stocked in colours of green, lead, and white, and each colour has 5 different embossed patterns. Whether

  • Academy Series

    C&S’ new glazed wall tile, Academy, imitates the look of metal treated with paint. Monochromatic, with just a hint of sheen, Academy is offered in two colours of Moonstone and Obsidian. Three surfaces provide interesting dimensions for your walls, and

  • Shale Series

    Evoking the natural beauty and delicate mineral details of split stone, Shale makes its debut at C&S Tile. This 24×24 unglazed porcelain tile is available in 5 shades: Moon, Sand, Greige, Ash, and Dark. If you’re looking for earthy elegance