2019 News Archives

  • Acier Series

    Acier is a French word meaning steel – and the name of our new 24×24 glazed porcelain. The look of weathered, industrial sheet metal is captured in three colours of white, silver, and iron. At a builder-friendly price, this tile

  • Slim Banon Series

    Slim Banon is C&S Tile’s latest glazed porcelain. With its slim profile – at just 8.5 mm thickness, and builder-friendly price, this 24×24 has broad appeal! The look of stained concrete comes in three dusky colours: fonce, taupe, and gris.

  • Expressions Series

    Aptly named ‘Expressions’ is our new glazed porcelain floor tile that reveals a combination of typeface and handwriting. Artistic dabs and splashes lend this tile a uniquely eloquent look. Choose from 3 colours: ice, grey, or ‘blend’ (a mixture of