January 2024 News Archives

  • Archisalt Series

    Archisalt is here! A luxurious Onyx-look porcelain tile, Archisalt is a sophisticated range of beautiful colours and patterns of salt-like crystallization. Stocked in matte and polished, 24×24 and in colours Grey, Lava, Purple and White. ⁠Also stocked is White Salt

  • Austral

    Austral is a stone look series, available in 2 colours, Pearl and Grey. Stocked in matte, non-rectified 12×24, Austral will be added as part of builder line collection! ⁠See Austral here

  • Sassiepietre Series

    Sassiepietre is a porcelain collection that mimics the appearance of natural limestone. The unique pattern captures the look of an agglomerated stone with impressive depth and movement. Stocked in a colours Beige, Bianco and Grigio, in a matte finish and