C&S Tile News Archives

  • Factory Series

    Manufactured to look like poured cement, Factory is the newest glazed porcelain floor tile in the Ceramstone Collection. Slight colour and pattern variation make it ideal to partner with other more flamboyant tiles, or to stand on their own for

  • Terrazzo Series

    Inviting and versatile, the Terrazzo series is an unglazed porcelain tile that is the latest in our Ceramstone Collection. Historically, terrazzo originated in 15th century Venice and was an attractive way to mix leftover pieces of marble, granite, and quartz

  • Vetrite Series

    Decorative and evocative. Strong and versatile. C&S Tile welcomes a brilliant, modern, and new solution: a glass wall tile that replaces wallpaper, stucco, natural and synthetic cladding materials. A look to set you apart – VETRITE. Vetrite is a wall