Concept 7.0 & Area 7.0

Concept 7.0 and Area 7.0

C&S Tile Distributors is excited to present 2 new lines of 7mm thick tiles.

Concept 7.0 is a refined stone aggregate-looking porcelain tile. It comes in a “Rigato” appearance: a linear design overlaying the tile. This gives it a convincing tactile impression that is purely visual. See the full line here.

Area 7.0 is a contemporary porcelain collection. The Reticolato finish is a sophisticated linear-rectangular pattern. Its applications are endless for all types of spaces, giving shape to new design elements that are aesthetically functional and harmonious. See the full line here.

Both lines come in a 7mm thickness, making for a lighter tile with all the technical performance of porcelain tile.


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