Terrazzo Series

Beton Maxi

Inviting and versatile, the Terrazzo series is an unglazed porcelain tile that is the latest in our Ceramstone Collection.

Historically, terrazzo originated in 15th century Venice and was an attractive way to mix leftover pieces of marble, granite, and quartz with cement. The ‘terrazzi’ – terrazzo artisans, favoured it for its durability and also its ability to create unique patterns.

Today, our porcelain Terrazzo series is a great alternative for those looking for something beyond the marble look. Additionally, it blends well with both modern and classic styles. It is stocked as a 24×24 in four colours and two finishes. ‘Maxi’, a natural finish with large granules capturing depth of the graphics, and ‘Mini’, a smaller grain with a subtle, soft polish.

Suitable for both residential and commercial, Terrazzo will elevate and enliven any space.

See Terrazzo here.

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