• Reverie Series

    Reverie is a reinterpretation of the classic cement tile. With 8 different floral and geometric patterns to choose from – you’ll be captivated by these cheerful kaleidoscopes! This series also includes 4 field colours, Blanc, Bleu, Gris and Noir that

  • Lounge Series

    Lounge is C&S Tile’s latest contemporary addition to the Ceramstone Collection. It has a unique weave-like pattern stocked in two versatile colours, grey and white in both matte and polished finishes. While it can be used on its own to

  • Eureka Series

    Eureka!  C&S celebrates their most recent discovery:  an unglazed porcelain in a collection of colours – Bianco, Grigio, Moka, and Sabbia.  Eureka, mimicking the muted hues of Sicilian limestone, comes in 3 sizes. The 12×12 décor tile gives us a