• Agemstone Series

    With the look of a rare and highly desirable marble, Agemstone is our latest glazed porcelain floor tile. Smooth and lustrous veining bring to mind molten velvet – captured in tile form. Available in four colours: mink, taupe, silver, and

  • Syncro Series

    Contemporary style with sophistication and emphasis, C & S brings you our latest unglazed porcelain floor tile, “Syncro”. Given its supple appearance, Syncro is able to harmonize with the architecture of any space. We provide 5 colours in 24×24 soft,

  • Hello Series

    C&S Tile welcomes a new, classic to the collection! The timeless appeal of subway or metro tiles, which used to clad underground railways of large cities throughout the 20th century, lives again in “Hello”. These glazed wall tiles are 3×6