• Hello Series

    C&S Tile welcomes a new, classic to the collection! The timeless appeal of subway or metro tiles, which used to clad underground railways of large cities throughout the 20th century, lives again in “Hello”. These glazed wall tiles are 3×6

  • Le Veneziane Series

    Venetian or terrazzo style flooring is a centuries-old tradition in Italian architecture. In the past, it was laid on site, using fragments of marble or stone in various sizes and colours, in conjunction with a cement bonding agent. “Le Veneziane”

  • Flagstone 2.0 Series

    Flagstone 2.0, our new unglazed porcelain tile, captures the vibrant energy of natural flagstone. Rich colours and structural details are enlivened through an innovative production process. Texture, both visual and tactile, give each piece a different look. Polished and matte,