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  • Lounge Series

    Lounge is C&S Tile’s latest contemporary addition to the Ceramstone Collection. It has a unique weave-like pattern stocked in two versatile colours, grey and white in both matte and polished finishes. While it can be used on its own to

  • Eureka Series

    Eureka!  C&S celebrates their most recent discovery:  an unglazed porcelain in a collection of colours – Bianco, Grigio, Moka, and Sabbia.  Eureka, mimicking the muted hues of Sicilian limestone, comes in 3 sizes. The 12×12 décor tile gives us a

  • Prexious Series

    Marble, the pinnacle of elegance, has been re-interpreted in our new unglazed porcelain tile called, ‘Prexious’. Particular types of marble can be unviable if cut too thin for natural stone tile. Prexious mimics the look of that rare and highly-sought