• Debris Series

    Debris is a new grunge concrete-look porcelain that reinterprets urban design trends. It is available in matte 24″x24″ with matching hexagon mosaics! ⁠ See Debris here

  • Marmi Select

    Marmi Select is a porcelain collection of fine Italian marble replicas. Four colours are impeccably emulated: Carrara, Calacatta, Macchiavecchia and St. Laurent. ⁠ Available in 12×24 matte and polished, 24×48 polished and a 12×48 brick pattern polished piece. See Marmi

  • Stek

    Stek is our newest glossy wall tile! It comes in 8 colours, all with a “craquelé” finish, giving your design a twist from the regular wall tile!⁠ Available in 2.75″x15.75″. Please note that these tiles require a coat of sealer